Tuesday, 27 September 2011


Wishing u all a blissful Navarathri - starting from today. As a part of Navarathri musing, wish to write about the 9 Mandalas , 1 per day for the next 9 days.

Hope you can visualise this Sri Chakra Mahameru as a 9 floor Palace of Lalitha Tripurasundari. We worship the Formless, omni present Goddess, as if she is residing in this palace.

Lets see 1 Mandala / Stage every night for the next 9 days. This forms the part of the  9 steps of Puja to reach Devi

NIGHT - 1 ( Pradhamai)                       Mandala 1 = BHUPURAM

 Bhupuram is the outer most / bottommost Square base of the Yanta. Lets take the Top View of Sri Chakra.

Bhupura is the bottom of the Yantra. It can be considered as the Feet of Devi. There are 3 Rekhas of  Shaktis has to be worshiped with White, Red,Yellow flowers.  The 1st Rekha Sakthi is from the Ashta Maa Sidhis ( Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakamya, Ishita, Vashita) & the  Sarvakama, Budhdhi Sakthis stay at Bhupura. We need to worship these 10 sakthis using White flowers. Sadhaka has to get sidhi in this 1st step of Puja before moving into the 2nd Rekha sakthis.

The 2nd Rekha Puja is for Devi & the Sapta Kanyakas. This 2nd step represents the Knee of Devi. The Sapta Madhas are Brahmi, Maheswari, Kaumari, Vaishnavi, Varahi,Indrani & Chamunda. After these 7, we need to worship Maha Lakshmi. We can use Flowers / Kumkum / Akshadha for the worship of these Sakthis.

The 3rd Rekha Puja is for 10 Dikpalakas or the Mudra Sakthis. They are also called as Prakada Yogis. This is the top line of the 3 lines (Rekha). This Rekha is equivalent to the Thigh of the Devi. The 10 Mudra sakthis are Kshobini, Draavani, Sarvaakarshini, Vashankari, Unmaadhini, Sarvankusha, Khechari, Sarvabija, Sarvayoni & Trikhanda. The top most step is called Trilokya mohini. 

The mantra for this Mandala is AM, AAHA, SAUHU.


  1. This is beautiful insight. Please write the rest of the article so that we can benifit from the same.

  2. Do you have anymore writing on the subject? The remaining 8 mandalas?

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