Tuesday, 27 September 2011

9 DEVIs to be Worshiped on the 9 Days of Navarathri.

                                                    DAILY WORSHIP - 9 DAYS OF NAVARATHRI

During Navarathri, Devi manifests as Ichaa Sakthi for 1st 3 days and Kriya & Jnana Sakthis for the next 3 days. The ideology of Kolu is to show that Devi exists in all forms of life, plants, animals, birds, Common man, Sages and Divine people, Devathas, Other forms of Gods and as Devi.

Going by the mythology, after Shiva burnt Kaman (God of Love) from the ashes raised an asura named Bandasuran. He was creating trouble to all. To kill him, Devi wages war against him and his allied forces for 9 days. On the Dasami day - the 10th day, Devi wins over these negative forces and its celeberated as Vijaya dasami.

Do we have the asuras Sumba, Nisumba, etc as physical forms?? May be / May not be. But they are actually the negative elements that reside within us. We need to seek the support of Devi and join in the war against our own negatives.

Lets see the forms in which we have to worship the Devi in the next 9 days starting today.

DAY 1 : Today Devi kills Madhu , Kaidapa in the day 1.
Today we worship Devi as BALA THRIPURASUNDARI.

Oblation for the day : Sarkarai Pongal
Flower of worship   : Red colour flowers
Devi's Bija Mantra   : " Aiym Kleem Sow
                                    Sow, Kleem, Aiym
                                    Aiym, Kleem, Sow”.

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