Monday, 23 September 2013

Reptiles like Tortoise live for many years, as their breath / minute is less, compared to humans. Analytics prove that, faster the breath, earlier the death. A lean mix of Oxygen in a Petrol Engine, gives more mileage.

Coming to the benefits of Breath control:
Reduction in length of the exhaled breath  Benefit
11 inches Stability of Prana
10 inches Happiness
9 inches Written and poetic powers
8 inches Oratorical skills
7 inches Clairvoyant Vision
6 inches Flying in the sky
5 inches High speed movement
4 inches Mastering other Sidhis
3 inches Ashta Maha sidhis
2 inches to take any form
1 inch Go invisible
A controlled breath = A prolonged life..:)

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